All-Star 101: What is the USASF?

The 4 Benefits of the United States All Star Federation

Welcome to a new series of posts geared towards educating the cheer parent about their athlete’s chosen sport! My goal is to make the sport of cheer less confusing and frustrating for parents and fans. My purpose is to provide clarity by increasing knowledge and understanding on the basic points of the sport.


Over the coming weeks, we will be exploring topics such as divisions, levels, scoring, and more. We are starting with understanding the benefits of our governing body, the United States All Star Federation (USASF).

Why the USASF was Created

In 2003, competitive cheerleading looked very different from the sport we know today. Event companies used rules and scoresheets as marketing strategies to entice customers to their events and separate themselves from the competition.

As a coach in this environment, we were forced to adapt and rework our routines to the specific rules and scoresheets of each individual event company. This often meant changing our routines week to week. It meant attempting to educate ourselves on several distinct sets of rules. It meant choosing one event company over another based on what their rules and scoresheets rewarded.

This was a frustrating time. We wanted simplicity and consistency. With great effort from leading-edge event companies and coaches, the USASF was born.

4 Benefits of the USASF

The USASF’s mission reveals four important benefits the sport of cheer has experienced since it’s creation:

  1. Consistent Rules: The USASF was founded with the core principle of making All Star a safer sport by establishing fair and consistent rules and competition standards. We now have one set of rules adopted by all major event companies.
  2. Safety: The USASF credentials coaches, certifies safety judges, sanctions events, and maintains and adjusts safety guidelines, all with the goal of providing the safest possible environment for cheer athletes to train and compete.
  3. Competitive Excellence: With the creation of Levels, the USASF fosters excellence at all levels of cheerleading, from basic to elite. The Cheerleading Worlds showcases top talent from around the globe and provides a goal for all athletes to strive for.
  4. Positive Image: The implementation of a comprehensive Image and Appearance Policy defines the standards of appropriate uniforms and choreography to make our sport more family-friendly. The Professional Responsibility Code establishes a Code of Conduct to make our sport more ethical.

Consistent rules along with an environment focused on safety where competitive excellence is fostered has created legitimacy and improved the image of our sport. The USASF’s  efforts are ensuring the longevity of cheer by building a culture of character and integrity.

Question: As a cheer parent, what is the most confusing aspect of our sport?


6 responses to “All-Star 101: What is the USASF?

  1. Scoring is by far the most confusing part to me; how is the starting point score is determined?


  2. Kira – I am planning a post or possible series of posts on scoring. It’s a difficult concept to wrap your head around because it contains both subjective and objective elements.

    As a quick answer to your question, there technically is no starting score. There is a raw score which is your score before deductions, and then your final score which is your score with deductions.


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